Eeyore’s Birthday Party In Pease Park

Eeyore’s Birthday Party
Web Site: Eeyore’s Birthday Party
1100 Kingsbury Street Pease Park
Austin, Texas 78705

Ever wonder if there any real hippies left in Austin? Wonder no more and go to Eeyore’s Birthday Party.Eeyore’s Birthday Party is an annual free Austin outdoor party held in Pease Park. The date for Eeyore’s Birthday Party is always the last Saturday in April. Admission to Eeyore’s Birthday Party is free.

In 1963, UT English professor Lloyd Birdwell Jr. invited his students to a picnic before final exams. Professor Birdwell called the party Eeyore’s Birthday Party after a Eeyore, a chronically depressed donkey in A. A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh stories.

In one of the Winnie the Pooh stories, Eeyore thinks all his friends have forgotten his birthday only for them to surprise him with a party. The first Eeyore’s Birthday Party had a live flower-draped donkey and a may pole because of the event’s proximity to May Day.

Eeyore’s Birthday Party developed into an annual Spring tradition at the University of Texas. From there, it became a favorite annual event for Austin hippies and slackers and moved off campus to a City of Austin park.

Today, Eeyore’s Birthday Party is a free annual one-day Austin festival held on the last Saturday in April at a location in Pease Park off North Lamar Boulevard. Attendance at Eeyore’s Birthday Party is always in the thousands.

Eeyore’s Birthday Party features costume contests, relay races, face painting, egg toss and other events for adults and children. In keeping with the original traditions of the event, a live donkey and a may pole will be at Eeyore’s Birthday Party.

The festival also has live music and large drum circles. Sometimes hundred of drummers and dancers will be in a drum circle at one time.

Eeyore’s Birthday Party is sponsored by a nonprofit officially called the Friends of Forest which raises money through beer sales, T-shirts and temporary tattoos. Food stands are operated by other local nonprofits and staffed by volunteer crews.

While there are children’s events at Eeyore’s Birthday Party, please be aware that nudity is a common part of many costumes. There is also a lot of recreational drug use. Eeyore’s Birthday Party starts around 11 AM and goes on until it starts to get dark.

Parking at Pease Park for Eeyore’s Birthday Party is limited as in you probably won’t be able to find a parking space. The best way to get to Eeyore’s Birthday Party is to park for free at one of the downtown state parking lots where shuttle buses are available. Look for decorated shuttle buses just north of the Texas State Capitol building at the State parking garages on Colorado Street between 16th and 17th.

The shuttles are free and will drop you off at the party in Pease Park. Part of the fun is singing on the shuttle buses going to and from to Eeyore’s Birthday Party.

Drums and costumes are optional, but it certainly adds to the experience. If you are an Austin hippie or anyone who likes free crazy parties, you already know all about Eeyore’s Birthday Party. If you are someone who has ever thought maybe the hippie lifestyle might be for you, Eeyore’s Birthday Party could be your chance to find out!