Barton Springs Swimming Pool is COLD, but besides swimming it also offers a great place to people watch and enjoy some time outdoors. Located close to downtown Austin, Barton Springs is open year round, but is closed after heavy rains and for cleaning. Barton Springs Pool has also recently limited guarded swim to certain days of the week due to a shortage of lifeguards. To find out if the pool is open, call the 24 hour hotline number at (512) 867-3080.

Traditionally considered the heart and soul of Austin, Barton Springs is the largest natural urban swimming pool in the United States with a surface area of three acres and an average water temperature of 68 degrees.

Barton Springs Pool charges an admission and the City of Austin charges a fee in the Zilker Park parking
lots on weekends and holidays, however free parking is available on the east side of the pool off
of Robert E. Lee Road adjacent to the back entrance to the pool.

Q Is Barton Springs Pool chlorinated?

Barton Springs Pool does not use chlorine.

Q How cold is the water in Barton Springs?

The temperature of the water in Barton Springs averages between 68 °F (20 °C) and 74 °F (23 °C) year round.