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Iconic Austin encompasses Austin’s world-renowned music scene, quirky shops, vintage boutiques and eclectic restaurants that have stood the test of time. Iconic Austin is in a lively blend of creativity, music, and mouthwatering cuisine. Iconic Austin is the unmistakable silhouette of the State Capitol, charming shops and eateries on South Congress Avenue, picturesque Lady Bird Lake and the tranquil beauty of Barton Springs Pool. Iconic Austin is just one of the many reasons people come to visit Austin, Texas.

The Original Name of Lammes Candies Was the Red Front Candy Factory

Lammes Candies: Indulge at Iconic Austin Candy Store

Lammes Candies has manufactured Lammes pralines and other preservative free candy for over 100 years. Lammes Candies was founded in 1885 and was originally named the "Red Front Candy Factory." This Austin candy store produces up to a million pounds a year of candy including caramels, hard candy, fudge, taffy, chocolates, chocolate covered strawberries and of course the famous Lammes Pralines.
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