About AustinTex.com

AustinTex.com started out as a directory about Austin, Texas in 1999 (that’s not a typo!). Always a family business, the website was inactive for a time, but has been re-energized by the astonishing number of visitors to Austin every year. According to the Austin Visitor Center, more than 30 million domestic visitors come to Austin annually. 

South By Southwest, the Austin City Limits Music Festival, racing at the Circuit of the Americas, conferences, comedy clubs, countless festivals of all kinds, athletic events, the University of Texas – there are plenty of reasons to visit Austin, Texas.

As a family that has raised kids, been kids ourselves and now are raising kids in Austin, AustinTex.com posts about the places we take our friends and relatives to when they visit us in Austin. We write about the places we think makes Austin special. We write about the places that tell the story of Austin’s history and sometimes of our own personal history in Austin. And we write about the cool new stuff we find to love about Austin.

As everyone knows, Austin has gone through a lot of changes in general, not to mention post pandemic. So the folks at AustinTex.com have gone to every single place we write about within the past year. Because nothing stays the same, especially lately. 

Besides visiting every location we write about, we have taken hundreds of original photos. Every post has photos to help describe what to do and see in Austin, Texas.

AustinTex.com is not a review site or out to critique places in Austin. If there is a place we can’t recommend, then you won’t find a post about that place on our site. Because if you can’t say something nice . . . .

Like many other individuals and families in Austin, AustinTex.com has seen changes over the past 40 years in Austin that seem like the stuff of science fiction. Austin, Texas evolved from a sleepy college town in the 1970’s to become known as the live music capital of the world and then transformed into one of the major technology hubs on the planet today.

And yet in the midst of that, Austin has retained the natural beauty that drew its first inhabitants along the banks of the Colorado River and Barton Springs.  We love Austin, Texas and appreciate this opportunity to share things to do in Austin with you. Enjoy exploring Austin with our blog on AustinTex.com and stay in touch with the AustinTex.com page on Facebook