About AustinTex.com

Hello, I’m Sandy From Sand Tiger Studio.

I love helping people explore Austin, Texas!

And because Austin is ever changing (seriously, it can make your head spin!), I go to the places I write about. That’s why my blog posts have lots of original photos of Austin from each location I visit. I wish I had a staff of people working to help me, but it’s just me, my camera and my enthusiasm for Austin.

I had the opportunity to live on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii for a year not so long ago. Hawaii seems like a place that is defined by tourism, yet Hawaii has a fraction of the tourists that visit Austin, Texas. It made me wonder if visitors to Austin are finding the information online they need to plan for the amazing trips I know they can have. 

I have always enjoyed playing the part of Austin tour guide to anyone visiting or new to Austin. AustinTex.com is about the places I take my friends and family to when they visit Austin. I write about the places I think make Austin special. I like telling the story of Austin’s unique history, especially when it is part of my own personal history. And of course, I love to tell people about all the cool new stuff that seems to pop up every day in Austin.

Austin has evolved from a college town to the live music capital of the world and then transformed into one of the major technology hubs on the planet today. Not to mention one of the biggest tourist destinations in the United States. Over 30 million visitors come to Austin every year. 

South By Southwest, the Austin City Limits Music Festival, racing at the Circuit of the Americas, conferences, comedy clubs, countless festivals of all kinds, athletic events, the University of Texas – there are plenty of reasons to visit Austin, Texas.

Austin is a part of me in ways I cannot even begin to explain. I appreciate this opportunity to share my love of Austin with you. I hope you explore Austin with my blog on AustinTex.com and stay in touch with the AustinTex.com page on Facebook. Enjoy Austin!