Boggy Creek Farm Offers Mix Of History And Locally Grown Food You Won’t Find Anywhere Else In Austin

Open four days a week and located in East Austin a short distance from Downtown Austin, the farmhouse at Boggy Creek Farmers Market dates back to the Republic of Texas and is one of the oldest structures existing in Austin. Most of the food available at Boggy Creek Farmers Market is grown on the farm.
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Boggy Creek Farm Is Farm-to-Table Experience Like No Other Farmers Market in Austin

Amidst the vibrant art and restaurant scene in East Austin, you can find Boggy Creek Farm, a working five acre farm with an amazing farmers market open Wednesdays through Saturdays. This urban farm has been a part of the East Austin community for decades, focusing on organic farming practices and providing fresh produce from the farm stand located behind the farmhouse built in 1841.

 A wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables grown right behind the farm stand can be found at the Boggy Creek Farm farmer’s market, including heirloom tomatoes, arugula, and watermelon. The farm also grows and sells beautiful fresh cut flowers. The homepage of the farm’s website is regularly updated to show available produce and farmers market hours.

Besides the vegetables and other farm fresh produce, Boggy Creek Farm sells eggs from the chickens on the farm. But if you want eggs, it’s best to get to Boggy Creek Farm early in the day. Chickens can lay only so many eggs and fresh eggs sell out quickly!

Boggy Creek Farm is located in a residential neighborhood and the turn into the driveway can be easy to miss. Once you find the driveway to the farm, the farm stand is to the left and behind the farmhouse.

Local Dairy And Meat Plus Gift Items Also At Farm Stand

The market also sells a wide range of other local products, including honey, eggs, cheese and locally sourced meat products. It’s a great place to get meat and dairy from the Central Texas area. 

If you are looking for mementos of your Austin visit, Boggy Creek Farm also has unique artisan items like as soaps, pottery, aprons and other handmade crafts.

History of Boggy Creek Farm Dates Back to 1800's

A visit to Boggy Creek Farm is an opportunity to talk to the people who are actually growing the food. Owner Carol Ann Sayle and her late partner Larry Butler purchased Boggy Creek Farm in 1992. The couple took a five abandoned acres and a dilapidated old house and turned it into the first modern-day urban farm in Austin. Today, the farm is still run by Carol Ann Sayle and her family.

After buying Boggy Creek, Butler and Sayle did extensive research on the history of the farm.  The original homestead was purchased in 1839.  There is evidence that Sam Houston, the first president of the Republic of Texas, attended a wedding at Boggy Creek Farm. This makes the Boggy Creek farmhouse one of the oldest structures still existing in Austin.

Farm Uses Sustainable And Organic Farming Methods

This small Austin farm is a great example of using sustainable and regenerative growing practices to maximize yield while still nurturing the soil. Boggy Creek Farm is a “no till” farm, using compost and regenerative approaches to work with the nature of the soil and the Austin weather instead of against it.

Sustainable farming methods focus on climate resilience, maximizing limited resources and improving the land for future generations. The farm made compost including the chicken poop fertilizes the crops  without pesticides.

Boggy Creek Farm Offers Workshops & Special Events

In addition to its four days a week farmer’s market, Boggy Creek Farm also has special workshops and events.  “Fables from the Farm,” a seven course tasting menu and musical event, premiered at the farm in November of 2023 with help from a City of Austin cultural grant. “Fables from the Farm” will return to Boggy Creek Farm with more performances in Spring of 2024. Boggy Creek Farm also hosts volunteer days at the farm.

Whether you’re a local looking to support the Austin farming community, or a visitor looking for a unique Austin experience, the Boggy Creek Farm farmer’s market is always worth a visit. Besides farm fresh food, you are sure to run into some friendly Austin farmers who are happy to tell you about Boggy Creek Farm.