Austin Candy Store Lammes Candies Has Tempted Austinites Since 1885

Austin candy store Lammes Candies was founded in 1885 within walking distance of the Texas state Capitol building and is still owned and operated by the Lammes family. The candy factory may be on Airport Boulevard now, but Lammes chocolate candies are still Austin favorites.
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Lammes Candies Is Taste of Iconic Austin

Austin candy store Lammes Candies has the distinction of being one of the oldest businesses in Austin. From just one factory on Airport Boulevard, Lammes Candies produces millions of pounds of chocolates and other candies annually.

Lammes Candies opened in 1885 on downtown Congress Avenue as the Red Front Candy Factory. Founder David Lamme lived in an apartment above the store. In the late 1800s, most of the Austin stores were on Congress Avenue. The candy store was a short walk away from the Texas State Capitol and people would buy candy from Lammes as they walked around the downtown area. 

Lammes Pralines: Same Recipe for Over 100 Years

Lammes pralines were first produced by David Lamme, Sr. in 1892. Lamme tested the recipe for seven years before he began selling the soft chewy patties at his Austin candy store. The ingredients in Lammes pralines are the same as when they were first sold in the original shop in downtown Austin.

Lammes Candies was also the site of the first soda fountain in Texas. David Lamme, Sr. began to use the lamb logo still used today to help people pronounce his name properly. The red outlined lamb was the first neon sign in Austin.

Airport Boulevard Chocolate Factory Has Retro Candy Counter & Sells Local Austin Gifts

This fifth-generation family owned company continues operating today out of a chocolate factory on Airport Boulevard in north central Austin. The Austin candy plant employs between sixty to eighty people.

Besides the Lammes pralines, the red storefront at the factory sells gift boxed candy and other local Austin gifts at its retro candy counter. The soft peppermint kisses are another Austin favorite and travel well for visitors to take home as Austin souvenirs.

This Austin Candy Store Is Also Famous for Chocolate Covered Strawberries

In Austin, nothing says “I love you” more than a carton of chocolate covered strawberries from Lammes. There is something about the ripe red of strawberry inside yummy chocolate that make eating one seem like a celebration. 

Chocolate covered strawberries are sold about once a month at Lammes, but always at Valentine’s Day. Make sure to get there early if you want to take some home to your sweetie on Valentines. 

Besides the candy factory on Airport Boulevard, Lammes Candies has three other Austin candy store locations. If you are a visitor to Austin and eat all your candy on the way back home, Lammes Candies are also available online.