Lammes Candies: Indulge at Iconic Austin Candy Store

Lammes Candies has manufactured Lammes pralines and other preservative free candy for over 100 years. Lammes Candies was founded in 1885 and was originally named the "Red Front Candy Factory." This Austin candy store produces up to a million pounds a year of candy including caramels, hard candy, fudge, taffy, chocolates, chocolate covered strawberries and of course the famous Lammes Pralines.

Website, 5330 Airport Boulevard, (512) 264-2740, 5 Miles from Downtown Austin

Lammes Pralines Have Been an Austin Favorite Since 1885

Lammes Pralines made on Airport Boulevard in Austin are world famous. They come from one of the oldest continuously operating businesses in the city of Austin.  From their single factory on Airport Boulevard, Lammes Candies produces up to a million pounds a year of preservative free candy including caramels, hard candy, fudge, taffy, chocolates, and of course the famous Lammes Pralines. Founded in 1885 and originally named the “Red Front Candy Factory,” the company has a long history as an Austin candy store.

Lammes Pralines: Same Recipe for Over 100 Years

The first Lammes Candies opened in 1885 in downtown Austin, Texas and the original owner, David Lamme Sr., lived in an apartment above the store. Austin candy store customers could stroll from the shop up to the grounds of the Texas State Capitol. In those days, Congress Avenue was the only commercial street in the city and there were only about 12,000 residents in Austin.

Lammes pralines were first produced by David Lamme, Sr. in 1892. Lamme tasted and tested the recipe for seven years before he began selling Lammes pralines in his Austin candy store. Known as Texas Chewie Pecan Praline, the Lammes praline has a soft, chewy texture and not the hard chew often found with caramel candies.

Lammes Candies is One of Oldest Businesses in Austin

Lammes Candies was the site of the first soda fountain in Texas. David Lamme, Sr. began to use the lamb logo still used today to help people pronounce his name properly. The red outlined lamb was the first neon sign in Austin.

In the early days, Lammes mainly sold ice cream and “Gem. ” Gem was a frozen fruit dessert made from whole milk with a taste and texture similar to sherbet. Lammes also sold ribbon candy. Ribbon candies are candies that are cut from a strip of hand-spun sugar.

Gem was discontinued during World War II due to sugar rationing. After the war, larger manufacturers were cornering the ice cream market and Lammes pivoted to focusing on candy. In addition, the spread of air conditioning in Austin after WWII made buying chocolates to take home much more popular.

Lammes Pralines & Other Lammes Candies Are Preservative Free

Originally, only pecans from the trees along the Colorado River in Austin were used to produce Lammes pralines. Lammes pralines continue to follow this tradition using only Texas grown pecans. Lammes Candies still tries to source as many ingredients as possible from Texas.

The ingredients in Lammes pralines are the same as when they were first sold in the original shop in downtown Austin. Pecans, corn syrup, sugar, milk, butter, and salt are combined in small batches using traditional methods to produce over 2000 pounds of the “Texas Chewie” Lammes pralines every day. The Lammes praline is not overly sweet. The strong taste of pecan in the soft caramel is one reason the Lammes praline has remained a favorite of chocolate lovers for over a hundred years.

Airport Boulevard Chocolate Factory Has Retro Candy Counter & Sells Local Austin Gifts

In addition to the Texas Chewie Lammes , Lammes also produces a range of other confections based on the Lammes pralines, including Longhorns, Choc’Adillos, Cashew Critters, Peanut Paws, and Habanero Pralines. These treats are all made with premium chocolate and feature the same creamy, chewy texture as the original praline.

This fifth-generation family owned company continues operating today out of a chocolate factory on Airport Boulevard. The Austin candy plant employs around 60-80 people. Besides the Lammes pralines, the red storefront at the factory sells a wide range of confections at its retro candy counter, including mints, taffies, divinity, and limited release treats such as chocolate-covered strawberries. 

This Austin Candy Store Is Also Famous for Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Besides Lammes Pralines, Lammes Candies is well-known for their chocolate covered strawberries. Lammes Candies is one of the few places in Austin where you can find strawberries completely covered in chocolate, without any green stems sticking out.  Chocolate covered strawberries and sometimes chocolate covered grapes are available to order usually at least once a month. Check the Lammes Candies website for the “Berry Important” sale dates

Another popular item is the soft peppermint kisses. Lammes Candies produces the bulk of its products at its Austin plant. Some specialty items like gummy bears and taffy are purchased from outside vendors and brought into the store.

Besides the Austin candy store on Airport at the candy factory, Lammes has three other locations in the Austin area where Lammes pralines are prominently featured. Lammes Candies are also available online.