Boggy Creek Farmer’s Market Abounds With Fresh Farm Produce

Boggy Creek Farmers Market is a beloved community institution located in the heart of Austin, Texas. The farm is known for its commitment to sustainable and organic farming, and for its weekly farmer's market.
  • Check the home page of the farmers market website for that day’s fresh picked produce
  • Go early for fresh vegetables and flowers
  • Other local products and gifts available
  • Located in East Austin close to Downtown
  • 3414 Lyons Road
  • (512) 920-2310

The Boggy Creek Farmers Market is located in East Austin a short distance from Downtown Austin. The market is usually open Wednesday to Saturday from 8 AM to 1 PM. The homepage of the farmer’s Market is regularly updated to show available produce and farmers market hours. 

 A wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables can be found at the Boggy Creek Farm farmer’s market, including heirloom tomatoes, arugula, and watermelon. The farm also grows and sells beautiful fresh cut flowers. 

The market also sells a wide range of other local products, including honey, eggs, cheese and locally sourced meat products. Local  goods such as soaps and handmade crafts make Boggy Creek Farmer’s Market a great stop for local gifts and souvenirs.

The farm was purchased in 1992 by Carol Ann Sayle and Larry Butler. The couple shared a passion sustainable agriculture. Butler and Sayle did extensive research on the history of the farm at local libraries and the Austin History Center. 

The farmhouse at Boggy Creek Farm dates back to the Republic of Texas and is one of the oldest structures existing in Austin. The original homestead was purchased in 1839. There is evidence that Sam Houston, the first president of the Republic of Texas, attended a wedding party at the Boggy Creek Farm farmhouse.

In addition to its farmer’s market, Boggy Creek Farm also offers a range of educational programs and events. The farm hosts regular workshops and classes on topics related to sustainable agriculture, as well as special events like cooking demonstrations and farm-to-table dinners.

One of the original founders of Boggy Creek Farmers Market, Larry Butler, passed away in 2018. His life partner, Carol Ann Sayle, continues to run the farm and can often be seen in the Boggy Creek Farmers Market.

Whether you’re a local looking to support the Austin farming community, or a visitor looking to experience the city’s vibrant food culture, the Boggy Creek Farm farmer’s market is always worth a visit. You’ll find a wide variety of fresh and locally-grown produce, as well as a welcoming and friendly community of farmers and shoppers.